Basic Physics Concepts Every Student Needs to Master

Basic Physics Concepts (2)

Physics is a branch of science that is diverse; it deals with energy, heat matter, and forces. the knowledge of physics has been used by philosophers and scientists in the past decades to quantify reality. It helps us understand and answer basic questions such as our life existence and the universe itself.

Basic Physics Concepts

With the help of mathematics and physics, students are able to learn more about the relationship between energy and matter. For students to understand physics it is important to first grasp and understand the basic concepts of this subject. Though physics is quite challenging to understand, some of the basic concepts of this discipline and easy to grasp.’

Newton’s first law of motion

the first law of motion is s also called the law of inertia; it states that if an object is at a constant speed of rest or moving it will remain that way; unless the object is acted upon by an external force. this theory is most commonly used to explain that when a rocket launches into space; it keeps traveling in a straight line for infinity as there is no resistance from the air.

Newton’s second law

the second law is referred to as the law of acceleration and mass; it states that the body’s acceleration is directly proportional to the body exerted on it .in summary the law states that an object needs force to move. The force at a body exerts upon another body is a product of its acceleration and mass.

Newton’s third law

newton’s third law of motion stated that every action has an equal and opposite reaction meaning an opposite or equal force counters every force applied to the object. for example, if one object applies force on a second body; the second body will exert equal and opposite force on the first. The laws of motion by Sir Isaac newton have many observable effects on our daily life.


the concept of general reactivity was developed by Albert Einstein and is related to the idea of gravity .relativity explains how space and time are measured differently by scientists moving relative to each other. relativity is an important branch of physics that is bursting with mind-blowing revelations about the universe, celestial bodies, and light.


Gravity is one of the easiest concepts of physics; it’s referred to as the force of attraction which is simply the pull of the earth. The gravitational force of the earth is what gives the weight of the objects. Isaac newton discovered this law of motion when n apple fell on his head while he was sitting under a tree. If it was not for gravity the apple would not have fallen rather it would have stayed suspended in the air for an eternity.


Thermodynamics is one of the important physics concepts as it explains the relationship between energy, heat, work, and temperature. Heat is a form of energy that can only be transferred from one state to another; therefore it cannot be created .moreover heat transfers from a hot object to a cool object via radiation; while it transfers from a hot area to a cooler area through convection. Thermodynamics measures and studies the transfer of heat between objects while temperature measures the speed of the movement of atoms.


Work is an essential concept of physics each student ought to understand; it is a measure of energy transfer .when a force is applied to move an object or equipment that is work. in addition, work done on a body s is always almost equal to the increase in energy of that body.


Electromagnetism is one of the basic forces that govern the entire universe; it also explains how and why the flow of electrons co-generates the electrons within the magnetic field and shields the planet from incoming solar radiation. Moreover, this branch of physics also explains the behavior of visible s electricity, light, and other types of energy on the radiation spectrum, from ultraviolet radiation to radio waves and microwaves.


 They are eight more important physics concepts that college or university students must grasp for them to be able to master the subject. Physics is one of the important sciences; it helps us understand how things work. More so it helps us understand the concept of nature and the universe.

physics degree opens a tone of opportunities to graduates, it opens a broad range of career paths; moreover, it equips learners with skills to solve complex problems by improving their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students who need help understanding these basic concepts can get in touch with our experts for guidance.

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