How to Answer Physics Questions like an Expert

How answer Physics Questions like an Expert

Students often find physics questions hard and intimidating; most of the learners struggle to provide relevant and concise answers while others are unable to answer the questions specifically. Physics is a scientific discipline that focuses on the study of matter, forces, and energy of the universe.

An expert approaches physics problems differently than techniques in solving their problems such as trying to solve a problem using the solutions of a similar problem done before. These techniques are simple but they may solve all the questions students encounter in their coursework. An expert on the other hand applies physics concepts learned to solve a particular problem.

How to Answer Physics

Physics is a college discipline that involves many complex equations and topics that are not easy to grasp; therefore students should not be disappointed due to failure to solve a problem. Students should work to ensure they hid all the students’ instructions as these may help them score good grades. While tackling any physics problem students should ensure all the things needed are available such as a calculator, paper, and writing utensils.

There are two main factors that may help students in becoming better problem solvers. First, the learners must learn and s understand the physics principles; secondly, the students should have strategies on how to apply these principles in this to physics problems. Physics students should have strategies to help them organize their skills. Having a general approach to follow in each physics problem is an important aid; students should use different tactics s with different physics areas but the overall strategy should remain the same .as like with many other learning activities is important to break the problem-solving strategy into major and minor steps.

Some of the few strategies that learners can use while solving their problems include:

Calm down

Physics students tend to panic when handling physics questions; however, there is no need for worry or pressure as physics questions are just like any other problem. It is important to take a deep breath before the text as t lowers anxiety .more so it is very crucial for the students to understand that it is just a problem and it does not mean it is the end of the world.

Master the basics of physics

Students often make the mistake of trying to memorize all the most complex physics concepts and this leads to them understanding that it is a hard subject. It is very important to first understand and assimilate the basics theories; the best way of memorizing the is by creating a mind map, it will help you create a connection between each concept .there is a need to memorize the basic conceptions and how they are applied.

Focus on the problem

-students should first read and visualize the problem so as to understand the context. For long questions, it is essential to read them in parts so as to understand what is required of you. This will help the students have a clear image of the question in mind. Students can also outline the approaches and principles that will be useful in solving the problem.

 Simplify the problem

students tend s to encounter complex problems that may be hard to comprehend .it is essential to try and simplify the question as much as you can; this requires the students to take a look at the s question again and analyze it. You can also dissect the question on a piece of paper and divide it into sections; afterward, start working on one segment at a time.

Describe the physics

This involves translating the given physics information to an idealized diagram that can be manipulated to calculate the desired quantities. Once you draw your physics problem it becomes simple and fun .it can seem weird to draw but it makes work easier; more so students are also awarded marks for drawing the right diagram.

Plan the solution

Before calculating the answer the students should take time and make a plan. Most often expert problem solvers start with the s target variable and work backward to determine the answer. It is also easy to solve problems when you list down any formulas or theories that seem necessary.

Execute and evaluate the plan

It is important for physics students to solve the problem algebraically before inserting the numerical values; because some values may cancel out and it will be hard to know the numerical value .afterwards it is advisable to go through the solutions carefully before delivery.


Physics questions can be complex at times and hence students must develop strategies and approaches to help in solving the work. As mentioned above they are different steps students can follow to help them obtain the answer they need. the expert approach makes the work easier and increases the chances of students scoring good grades.

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