Importance of Chemistry in Health

Importance of Chemistry in Health

Many students may wonder, why the chemistry discipline is growing in popularity in the past years; the importance of this science subject no longer needs justifications.

Chemistry is a discipline that plays an integral role in our day-to-day lives. The knowledge of chemistry can be applied in the fields of medicine, food, cosmetics, and textiles. What is the Importance of Chemistry in Health; drugs used for treating and preventing diseases are made up of chemicals. Therefore chemistry is a very essential discipline.

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The study of chemistry is then very important for the healthcare professionals such as doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. The major contributions to the healthcare sector have been made by chemistry. Moreover, the knowledge of chemistry helps clinicians to more about the chemical nature of the drugs and how they are going to act. the medicines that we use contain chemical properties such as acids and alkaline.

Chemistry and Medicine 

 Chemistry discipline has contributed largely to the field of medicine by enhancing numerous advances that help save lives and as well help us live happily. The advancement of chemistry has helped doctors to provide the best treatment without errors. Moreover according to the journal of health and medicine millions of lives are being saved profoundly due to the advancement of medicine through chemistry. They are many ways that chemistry is useful in medicine. Some of these ways include;

Chemistry has helped in the manufacture of medicine

The Discovery of drugs and their development is the most complex in the pharmaceutical industry. Drugs are manufactured through the expression of a certain gene and the inhibition of enzymes. These drugs are designed to help in the deactivation of a specific enzyme in the body. Chemistry helps doctors to understand certain drug interactions and hence they can be able to carefully prescribe medications. Through chemistry, chemists have studied and researched the efficacy of drugs from antiretroviral.

Use for sanitation and sterilization

 Besides the use of chemistry in drug substance production; it is also used in other medical aspects such as in the principles of sterilization and sanitation. Through the knowledge learned from chemistry, chemists have developed many industrial chemicals such as alcohol, phenols, and acids; these products are used in disinfection and sterilization. The science of chemistry helps us understand how such chemicals kill microbes found in medical equipment.

Chemistry can be used in the manufacture of the prosthesis

 Chemistry over the last few years has shed the light on the field of medicine by providing many ways in which doctors can repair injuries and improve the quality of life. The industry of chemistry has contributed majorly to the manufacture of prostheses; prostheses are used in plastic surgery for breast, heart, and limb replacement. Chemists have created quality prostheses for patients that are not easily rejected by the body. In addition through chemistry, research chemists have found a better synthetic compound that is more efficient compared to titanium; which was more commonly preferred in the past.

Chemistry helps doctors to understand the human body

Biochemistry has enabled scientists to study how chemistry occurs within living organisms by focusing on chemical components. Biochemistry explains the complex life of human beings by focusing on the flow of information and chemical energy through a process called metabolism. In order for s doctors to understand how human beings are affected by disease, it is important to know how the human body works. Therefore chemistry not only plays an important role in helping us understand the physiological and biochemical functioning of the body but also helps in understanding how drugs work in the body.

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Is chemistry essential for medical students?

Chemistry is one of the most important health science and hence it is an obligatory subject in the field of medicine. it is one of the requirements for students who want to study any field of medicine. Chemistry forms a foundation for some of the medical subjects such as biochemistry and anatomy. Therefore a sound understanding of chemistry is very important for the study of medicine. Chemistry moreover forms the basis of the pharmaceutical industry and all life processes; therefore it is undeniably important in the field of medicine, dentistry, and pharmacology.


Chemistry involves the study of matter and its properties; it is one of the science subjects that play a vital role in the development of the medical field. Through chemistry knowledge, medical professionals can now easily diagnose the patient’s conditions and offer the best efficient treatment. The chemistry discipline plays a vital role in our day-to-day lives; it has helped people by improving their quality of life and also simplifying their daily work. Chemistry application starts from the kitchen during cooking up to the medications we take which are made up of chemicals.


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