Role of chemistry in Society and Technology

Role of chemistry in Society and Technology

What is the role of chemistry in Society and Technology? Chemistry is a natural science subject that studies the behavior of matter and its compounds .it is also referred to as a core science as it provides a foundation for understanding both applied and basic science disciplines.

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Although chemistry is easily underestimated, however chemical products are very essential in day-to-day activities. Chemistry can be applied in technology to improve our quality of life in many ways; like providing solutions to the problems that we face. The knowledge of chemistry can also be applied to meet basic needs such as shelter, food, clothing, and health. 

Therefore it is true to say that chemistry plays a major role in society and technology at large. Chemistry is one of the subjects that is seen to be the science of the future. There is unlimited potential for chemical products to enrich society. however, the negative force of chemical by-products has resulted in health and environment concerns at enormous concerns. Most common people do not have actual knowledge of chemistry and its contribution to society.

Role of chemistry in Society and Technology

Chemistry is deemed to be the most complicated science subject in colleges. It can be applied in many aspects of society such as in medicine, cleaning, and manufacturing of goods as mentioned earlier. Some of the main applications of chemistry to society include:

1. It offers career opportunities such as medicine

Medicine is one of the killer careers in the market nowadays; it offers vast job opportunities to students. Through chemistry, clinicians are able to understand the chemical process that takes place inside our bodies. Through that knowledge, they fully understand how drugs and supplements interact with our bodies. Chemistry primarily has led to the development of new medicine and new medical treatment.

2. Chemistry can be applied to food production 

Chemicals are fundamental components that are found in everything around us. some of the chemical molecules that are found in the food include lipids, proteins, vitamins, and carbs all of which are safe for consumption. Moreover chemical plays an integral role in the preservation and manufacturing of food. Food preservation chemicals help the preservation of food for a longer duration.

3. Helps in the manufacture of detergents 

 Some parts of chemistry help scientists understand how cleaning works. Therefore through chemistry, chemists can develop various cleaners that are best for cleaning the laundry, floor, and dishes. We all use chemistry in our daily life in one way or another. The knowledge behind the cleaning agents such as bleaches, disinfectants, and soaps is the work of chemistry.

  1. Used in the production of fuel for transport and domestic use

 Fuels such as kerosene, oils, diesel, and petrol are obtained through sophisticated refining procedures from the earth’s crust. Petrochemistry is a discipline ins chemistry that involves the study of petrochemical processes and as well it is concerned with how s to use fuel on a polluted freeway.

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Chemistry and technology

Chemistry plays a major role in helping scientist tackle any challenges and ensures we have a sustainable future. Chemistry offers many technological benefits to medical and automobile devices. Moreover in 2018 chemical companies invested more than ten billion dollars in development and research. Therefore chemistry is a subject that has succeeded to bring new imaginative and innovative ideas to the world. Some of the technological application of chemistry includes;

  • Chemistry and Computer Science – touch screens are adhesives and plastics are products of chemistry and are now being widely used in cell phones, computer screens, and many others. Soon thinner screens will be applied in the windows to enhance interactivity.
  • Chemistry in transportation – nowadays aerospace and auto space designers are using strong durable plastics that weigh less than traditional materials and this helps preserve and save energy.
  • Chemistry in space- aerospace requires the use of plastic space suits which can withstand high temperatures; such suits are products of chemistry. Moreover, chemistry can be used to create airbags for rocket landing.
  • Chemistry used in nanotechnology – nanotechnology involves the study of extremely small structures; it is leading to the discovery of materials and devices that improve life. Nanotechnology has many applications such as repairing damaged human tissue, construction of vehicles, and solar energy production.


Chemistry is a very important science subject that helps us in our day-to-day practices. It is a very important discipline that plays an integral role in human life from the moment they are born. Most common household items are chemically dependent such as radios and alarms. Moreover, chemistry has a major role in the advancement of forensic science, modern agriculture, and pharmaceutical advances. Therefore it is unbiased to say that chemistry plays a significant role in the development of technology and society at large.



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